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This sweet girl, Salem Home Giant, is from Viktor Sutulin in Krasnodar, Russia! She is a close relative of Gerda, our first maine coon. We have all loved how well Gerdas babies have turned out that we decided to add Salem to our program so we can continue these great lines! She will make Blue/Black Smokes and solid blue or blacks!

Venus was made in our cattery with Keira and Aries. They originate from Italy and Greece. This amazing euro coon has a personality that is unmatched! So sweet, gentle, and very talkative. She is a black silver chinchilla. She will make Black silver tabby with different degrees of silver on the coat.

Athena is our Ukrainian princess! Shes full of energy and so fun to be around! If the tv is on..she is swatting at the cat games. She is a darker blue smoke and should produce the highly popular blue smokes next year. 

Our youngest future queen! Sailor, formerly called Freya. Her personality is perfection.. her type is perfection. She has the look ive been going for. I cant wait to watch her blossom and become a mama on day! She will make some gorgeous blue smokes!


Jareth Blue ridge AKA Onyx from KentuckyCoons

Onyx is back to work with the Blueblood ladies! Our friends, over at KentuckyCoons has this stellar male we get the pleasure of working with! He carries solid and dilute so there will be alot of variety with his kittens. Expect to see black/blue (silver or non silver) tabby, Black/blue smoke, Black/blue solid! He will be siring a few litters while we wait on Silas to grow! The queens we plan to pair with him are Salem and Sailor. (possibly Venus as well)

Silas of DiamondValley

This handsome boy is from a good friend in California. He has a long and lean body, perfect shaped eyes, great tips and a super long tail. He really does have it all! His color/pattern is black silver shaded. He can produce smoke and tabby kittens with my girls. All will be black smoke or black silver tabby! 

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