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Waitlist Information!

Fee to enter waitlist is $100 (it will be applied towards total price of kitten!)

**Full price for kitten is $2,800

**Contact me prior to placing a wait list deposit. I would like to chat with anyone interested in my kittens beforehand. I will also give you a time frame on when you can expect a kitten along with my paypal information.


 **To get on the wait list, there is a (non refundable) deposit of $100. This ensures your seriousness to purchase.  Once a deposit is placed it will put you in line to choose a kitten in the order the deposits have been placed. Limited spots are available. With each new litter I start at the top of the list and go down it in order, allowing each person the option of choosing from the available kittens or passing in favor of the next litter. You move up the list as people ahead of you choose a kitten and get out of line. You can stay on the list as long as you like and pass on as many litters as you like until you find the kitten that is perfect for you. When you choose a kitten, you put down the remaining deposit of $1,300 that equals out to the $1,400 required to reserve a kitten. Remaining balance is due ONE WEEK prior to shipping or at time of pick up if paying cash. If paying online and picking up, you still need to pay one week prior so I can make sure it clears before giving kitten out.


**I will need to keep all wait list deposits in one location to best track and verify the correct wait list order with date/time the deposits are sent. So paypal will be my only form of accepting payment for the wait list deposit


**Color/ pattern of kittens produced by my cattery are as follows- Black silver tabby, Blue silver tabby, Black smoke, Blue smoke, Black solid, Blue solid, Black silver chinchilla/shaded, High blue smoke, High black smoke.   

**Below are examples from my cattery in this color/pattern variation to give you an idea of what to list for your preference.  

Color/Pattern variations available 

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